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How to Transfer DVD to iPod?

transfer DVD to iPodWant to transfer DVD to iPod or iPhone? This article is mainly talking about how to convert DVD to iPod. Hope it helps!


What tool I can use to transfer DVD to iPod?

While there are many ways to transfer a movie from a DVD to iPod, an application called DVD to iPod Converter provides a method that's as easy as they come. It is designed to help you transfer DVD to iPod, letting you watch the original DVD files on your iPod. And Video trimming, cropping, adding watermark and adjusting video effect are all available.

question two How can I transfer DVD movies to iPod video?

To transfer DVD movies to iPod, you need to firstly convert DVD to iPod compatible MP4 format. So, you can use the DVD to iPod Converter to convert your DVD movies to iPod MP4. Then upload the converted DVD files to your iPod.

free download it transfer DVD movies to iPod

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer DVD Movies to iPod


Step 1. Free download the Latest Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Suite. Install and launch it.

launch the program to convert and transfer DVD to iPod

Step 2. Run the "DVD to iPod Converter", click the "Open DVD" button to add the your DVD files.

import the DVD files you want to  transfer to iPod

Step 3. Select the MP4 format from the Profile drop-down list. And specify the output folder where the converted files could be saved.

choose the suitable output format

Step 4. When the settings are finished, click "Convert" button to start conversion. Once the conversion is complete, you can transfer the converted DVD files to your iPod.

We all know that iPod doesn't accept DVD format. So if you want to transfer DVD to iPod. The first thins you need to do is to convert these DVD files to MP4, then transfer DVD to iPod. This DVD to iPod Software is absolutely your best choice to transfer DVD to iPod. You can have try at will.

free download this DVD to iPod Converter to transfer DVD to iPod

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